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Soften your eyes, change your focus.... these flowers are all made of paper, each one a lovingly handcrafted piece of art. My passion is British Wildflowers, created using naturally dyed colours to inspire the viewer to look more closely at real flowers and nature. But I love all flowers! Through my creations I celebrate and cherish nature, creating flowers from all over the world, from cottage gardens to grand greenhouses. Botanical inspiration is everywhere, and nothing is more important than plants!


 Paper flowers encourage indulgence in colour, imagination and whimsy, anything is possible - play with scale and colour. You can have any flower, in any colour, at any time of year! Paper  flowers are sustainable, plastic and PFA free. Let's leave the real flowers to do their thing in nature and choose caring for our planet. Ling x

Doing Flowers Differently

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Many of our deepest memories are rooted in nature, taking us back to the sensory pleasures of childhood.The chances are that your favourite flower is rooted in memory. Perhaps it grew in the garden of your childhood. Perhaps it was your grandmother's favourite flower. Maybe the flowers you carried on your wedding day, or the flowers you give whenever a message is too important for mere words to convey.


2020-11-26 11.35.26.jpg

The passion-flower that grew in my grandmother's garden.

A handmade flower is a beautiful keepsake for yourself -  or a thoughtful and tender gift for someone you love.


What flower would you choose?

Recent commissions include a pair of Night Blooming Cereus flowers, a trio of sunflowers and a giant foxglove. A range which truly reflects the variety of nature.

But also - turquoise flowers, giant fantasy flowers, a quiver filled with red flowers and a hat covered with botanical herbs. The potential for creativity is endless.

My process involves a lot of research in order to produce the most accurate floral representation I can, and this includes in-depth communication with you. My passion flower has violet and brown petals (shown to the left) - but your passion flower may be pure white, or ruby red.

To start the process, please get in touch using the contact form or by calling me on +44 (0) 151 632 2008. Starting price for commissions £250.

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