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Botanical Art and Forever Flowers

lovingly created by hand


Since I was a little girl in the Yorkshire countryside I have loved wildflowers. I spent my time in the woods and fields around our village, making a sandwich to take with me as I spent the entire day outdoors, exploring. I always took a notebook and pencil so I could draw and write what I saw.


Now, I take my children, but there are too many bright and shiny things which distract them! 

I create my botanical art to make them stop and look, and I hope it encourages them to look more closely at the

plants and flowers around us.

Below you will find a selection of stems, botanical art pieces and arrangements, I hope this inspires you! 

I welcome commissions - flowers mean so much to so many people.

Paper flowers are perfect for bridal bouquets - they last forever and are a very special keepsake.

I also create botanical art pieces, bridal bouquet recreations and props for events and photoshoots. 

To discuss a commission, contact me on 0151 632 2008 or using the form below or by e-mail and let's talk.



If you'd like to know more about the flowers, if you'd like to commission me or if you have an idea for a collaboration

- or if you are a fellow paper florist reaching out -

I'd love to hear from you. L x

Thank you for your message.


Recent Projects

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2020-11-06 14.44.25.jpg

I found this beautiful,

cracked turquoise jug in a

local charity shop.

It was simply crying out to be filled with huge pink blooms! These Juliet Roses are the perfect choice. Perfect forever flowers x

Ling Warlow, Paper Artist


What I love to do is


...look REALLY closely. Look at the flowers on the wayside, the flowers on the verges, in the meadows,

on the forest floor. What do you see?

I see amazing design, unparalleled beauty. However, sometimes, the details are so small we can't REALLY see it. I want to bring these wonderful little flowers to you in a different way. My paper recreations of wild flowers are often super sized to reveal the astounding detail the eye can't see.

Below, a blackberry blossom - simple and seemingly insignificant when spotted on the bramble vine, hard to reach and difficult to pick because of the thorns, this little blossom won't amount to much in an arrangement and won't last more than a few hours before loosing it's crumpled petals. But look closely and the level of detail revealed just in the centre of the flower is astounding.

As you go through the slide show, double clicking should allow you to go through the images at our own pace and there are additional image descriptors.


I was challenged to create a Passiflora (Passion Flower) from paper.

The Passion Flower is endlessly fascinating, both in terms of its structure and colouration, but also the symbolism which has become attached to the flower. The 'passion' is the Passion of Christ, with numerical associations such as the three fruit buds (the Holy Trinity); the ten petals (the 10 apostles) -- and the colourful rays representing the crown of thorns.

It was also a challenge -and a joy - to make.

Ling Warlow, Paper Artist



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