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Working across a variety of projects delivered in a wide range of settings, paper flowers always elicit a response, often emotional. As our knowledge and experience of the climate crisis depends, coming to cherish and celebrate our natural environment, developing an emotional bond with and connection to the nature which surrounds us, is more important than ever.

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An ongoing project which underpins everything I do as a paper botanist. In 2021 Arts Council England funded a 9 month project to develop my creative practice, working specifically on British Wildflowers, plastic free and using natural colour


Hillsborough Memorial

Commissioned by ScouseFlowerHouse and Peter Carney, the local craftiest responsible for the Hillsborough memorial banner. Working in schools and community groups in the Liverpool area, I delivered workshops alongside Peter and Richard Scott, promoting Social and Environmental Justice. The resulting flowers, alongside my own creations, were displayed with the Hillsborough Memorial Banner at The Design Museum, Kensington, London



Commissioned by Wirral Council, The Paper Meadow Project took me into 25 schools across the Wirral, talking to children about Wildflowers and Pollinators. Each class visited was taught how to create a different flower, learning how to look at flowers and learning how to identify British Wildflowers.


The end result  - The Paper Meadow - was displayed at various locations across the Wirral, eventually spending four months as part of the Flower fairy Exhibition at the Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight


Euroflowers - an organic project which continues to develop under the title 'Nature's Palette' - was developed as a celebration of diversity when Eurovision came to town in 2023.

The national flowers of all the countries represented at Eurovision were created using nothing but paper, wire and natural colour. The end result was exhibited at World Museum Liverpool. Posters are available here.

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