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All the blooms, in all the colours, throughout the year.

Have you ever considered an alternative bouquet? Imagine - you are celebrating your special day with the traditional bridal flowers - perhaps even using the language of flowers to communicate your feelings for each other openly but discretely. Your favourite flowers, flowers that remind you of each other, of special times and special people. The flowers are beautiful - they look like real flowers - and they have been created especially for you, by an artist who has researched your flowers in order to accurately recreate them - and put love and thought and attention to detail into every leaf, every petal. This bouquet will never wilt and die, it can be treasured and kept forever. And - most importantly of all - these flowers are super friendly to the environment. A paper wedding bouquet is the ultimate green statement piece, created from sustainable materials which will last as long as you want them to - and when they reach the end of their life, they will return to nature. No air miles, no being flown in out of season from the other side of the world - a minimal footstep left on our planet. Paper, wire and a few dabs of glue. What's not to love? If you would like to discuss your wedding bouquet, you can contact me through all the channels - phone, e-mail and socials. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. With love, Ling x

Images by @shauna_sjp_photography; styled shoot organised by @sweetpea_and_ivy, models @matthewjanedavis

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