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Snow Queen fantasies

I know I'm lucky - I get to do a lot of crazy and creative stuff with all sorts of fabulous creative people. Before Christmas I was asked by The Amazing Eve (aka @thequeenofheartbreak ) to make a headpiece for a project she was working on. Eve is a wild dresser, artists model and performance poet - check out her Instagram & keep in mind RuPaul's wise words: 'we are all born naked, everything else is drag'. I loved making this headpiece and can't wait to make another one! Eve's brief was 'snow queen-y' - I made white Japanese Form Peonies, mink coloured leaves and lots of silver lame. I'm still using the glitter offcuts I kept when I banished glitter board from my business (why? micro plastic nightmare!) so I added some twirls and curls to pick up on her dress. What can I make for you?!

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