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"Blaze" Natural Dye Crepe Paper Set #4

Set #4 "Blaze" contains the following shades:

Butterscotch colour from Alder Cones

Primrose, Sunflower/Pineapple, Blaze colour from Onion Skin

Madder rose and hawthorn/Rosehip colour from Madder


Crepe Paper hand dyed in the studio using natural colour.

Each set is limited edition of 6 shades. Each dye bath is different.

180gsm white crepe paper dyed using a range of natural ingredients.


Natural colours may change over time. Keep out of direct sunlight. Variations and imperfections may occur as part of the dye process. Some colours last longer than others, some may interact with different glues or other additions and the colour may change. Paper by Dragonfly is not responsible for any colour changes or varations over time

"Blaze" Natural Dye Crepe Paper Set #4

  • Problem with your order? All our items are created in limited small batches. Return the unopened product plus proof of purchase to Dragonfly, Studio 3, 3 Wood Street, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 2DU and we will issue a replacement or a credit note.

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