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At last -Evening Classes!


Relax, with the Mindful Art of Paper Flowers 

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Let's face it, at the end of the day, sometimes you just feel tired. You can't face socialising and you don't want another late night. 

I know how you feel! Let me give you something to take you away from it all. No, I'm not talking about a red pill or a blue pill. I'm talking about the most mindful, satisfying creative pastime you can imagine, and you don't even need to be creative!

All the inspiration you could ever need to enjoy the art of paper flowers is all around you. Take any flower and learn how to recreate it using nothing but the simplest materials.

Classes start on Thursday, 5th October 2023, 7 - 9pm

at Studio 3, 3 Wood Street, Hoylake Wirral CH47 2DU

With a single roll of crepe paper, wire and glue, you can soon learn how to create any flower. You will learn:​

  • Cutting and shaping techniques to create an array of different flower and petal shapes

  • How to create detailed and life like flower centres

  • All about different leaf shapes and my methods of creating them

  • A range of colouring methods for crepe paper to create natural looking flowers

  • How to dissect a flower to create your own pattern


And you will put it together in a special project! You are free to choose your own project if you prefer!

Classes start on Thursday, 5th October 2023, 7 - 9pm at Studio 3, 3 Wood Street, Hoylake Wirral CH47 2DU

Island retreat
Who is the tutor?

Ling Warlow, Paper Botanist : "My life's mission is to encourage everyone to look more closely at the beautiful wildflowers which grow in our hedgerows, waysides, woods, parks and meadows. Maybe I was inspired by a childhood reading Flower Fairy books, now, though, I feel an urgency to encourage everyone to look, look closely. To fall in love with the wonder of nature, connect with the natural environment....and I do this through paper flowers!"

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2021-05-04 15.18.32.jpg
2021-05-15 16.26.29-1.jpg
2020-09-11 17.18.37.jpg
2021-07-28 17.09.28.jpg
2020-11-26 11.35.26.jpg
2021-11-11 16.15.54.jpg
2021-05-02 18.42.57.jpg

Your tutor is Ling Warlow, the founder of Paper by Dragonfly, whose work has been featured on ITV, and has been exhibited at The Design Museum in Kensington, London.


Ling has been funded by The Arts Council England to develop her practice and has worked in schools across Merseyside teaching children about art and nature. Her works are sought after by commission and she runs popular workshops sharing her skills and enthusiasm with others.


Committed to building a sustainable creative practice, Ling has a particular interest in wildflowers and can often be found dyeing her own papers with vegetables and foraged materials from the plant kingdom.

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