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Honeysuckle and the nectar of the gods

Honeysuckle has always been a favourite flower. And honestly, it can be a bit of a blink and you miss it kinda creeper. The flowers are small and not always obvious immediately - it's the smell that gets you. Correction, the scent, the perfume! I grew up in a house with an enormous honeysuckle growing around the front door. I vaguely remember there was a porch at one time, but this was completely engulfed by the honeysuckle. By the time we left, the plant had started to work it's way into the house, growing through the cracks by the bathroom window. I tried to grow a honeysuckle in my yard last year, I was devastated to realise how much the snails relished it too. For now, I'm leaving the honeysuckle to grow in the wild, whilst I enjoy this pretty paper version.

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